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Glasses Use

The Frame Only option includes the original non-prescription Ray-Ban lenses with Ray-Ban logo.

Glasses for distance use are for wearers who are short-sighted (able to see near objects without vision correction) and contain a single prescription. These are known as single vision glasses.

Glasses for reading are for wearers who are long-sighted (able to see objects in the distance) and contain a single prescription. These glasses are also single vision glasses.

Varifocal and bifocal glasses are for wearers who require vision correction for both distance and near. These glasses are required to compensate for presbyopia – an age related condition affecting the elasticity of the lenses of the eyes. Varifocal glasses offer a range of vision corrections between distance and reading. Bifocal glasses provide only two vision corrections (usually distance and near). An ADD measurement on a prescription indicates that the wearer has separate distance and reading prescriptions.

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