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Silhouette Eyewear

 Silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette are the masters of the minimal; leave out the unneeded and focus on the necessities.  Silhouette glasses, whether made from titanium or the high-tech polymer composition SPX, are as light as a feather, highly elastic, and allergy free.

High-Tech Titanium

High-tech titanium allows Silhouette to turn reduction into reality: Titan Minimal Art, the eyewear icon with no screws, no hinges, no rims and virtually no weight. However, the comfort of a true Silhouette only becomes tangible when unique quality assurance is coupled with an expert understanding of how to craft the material. After all, constantly improving upon perfection is the quintessence of Silhouette’s passion for innovative excellence.

Lightweight and strong, Silhouette is the perfect partner for every day - with an exclusive material adding a special magic feel.

Titan Minimal Art – The Icon

It is considered to be The Icon among rimless eyewear. Introduced in 1999, used in outer space, continually being refined and improved and now evolved into the most dynamic iteration yet: it could only be TITAN MINIMAL ART - THE ICON.  With TITAN MINIMAL ART - THE ICON, Silhouette continues its tradition of creative innovation. This light, versatile eyewear wins people over with its subtle robustness and clean, dynamic design. Powerful and modern, the design of TITAN MINIMAL ART - THE ICON reflects the lifestyle of active people who pursue life with curiosity, freedom and lightness, and place a great deal of value on authenticity. Patrick Dempsey, the new face of Silhouette, wears TITAN MINIMAL ART - THE ICON.

Click on an image below to view the most popular ranges of Silhouette Eyewear


silhouette_7799Titan Minimal Art – The Must Collection

silhouette_7581Titan Minimal Art  The Icon (7581)


Titan Next Generation IV (5227)


Titan SPX Signia (5379)



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