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Lens Coating

Selecting a high quality coating will extend the life of your lenses. All our top name designer glasses come with free single vision prescription lenses with scratch-resistant coating.

Crizal Easy UV coating is an anti-reflection coating which offers excellent smudge and scratch-resistance , as well as 100% UV protection.The latest Crizal Sapphire UV coating offers enhanced anti-reflection from all sides, as well as protection against smudges, scratches, dust, water and UV. The Crizal Sapphire UV coating has a 2 year no-scratch guarantee. Crizal Prevencia filters out blue and violet light.

Crizal Coatings are applied only to the best lenses providing the clearest, crispest vision. By selecting a Crizal coating for your single vision lenses, you will be automatically upgraded to the highest quality lens of the same refractive index (thinness)