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Varifocal Lens Options

Varifocal lenses (also known as progressive lenses), are designed for those people who require both distance and near (reading) vision correction and who prefer not to have separate distance and reading glasses. Varifocal lenses are commonly used to correct for presbyopia – an age related condition where it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on near objects. The upper part of a varifocal lens is set for distance vision and the lower part for intermediate and near vision. It is important that the reading part of a varifocal lens is set at the correct height. This fitting height is dependent not only on the facial dimensions of the wearer but also on the shape and size of the chosen glasses frame. For this reason we require that new varifocal wearers visit our offices in Oxford or one of our partner practices. Existing varifocal wearers who require varifocal lenses in the same model of glasses frame, may send their existing varifocal glasses to us from which we can take the fitting height.

Varifocal lenses vary in price depending on the field of view offered by the lenses. The new Varilux X Design has the widest field of view (widest peripheral vision) within the high performance Varilux range. WATCH THE VARILUX X DESIGN VIDEO HERE   Video Logo. Posh Eyes also supplies varifocal lenses from Zeiss, Nikon, Hoya and Jai Kudo.

The table below provides a comparison of some of the most popular varifocal lenses:


Varilux Liberty

Varilux Comfort

Varilux Physio 3.0

NEW! Varilux X Design Banner

1.5 standard thickness





1.59/1.6 thinner





1.67 extra thin





1.74 ultra thin





1.5 Transitions GEN8 (photochromic)





1.59/1.6 thin Transitions GEN8 (photochromic)





1.67 extra thin Transitions GEN8 (photochromic)





1.74 ultra thin Transitions GEN8 (photochromic)






Entry Level Varilux
Scratch-Resistant coating
Optional 2 year no-scratch guarantee

Wide field of vision
Easy to adjust to.
Scratch-Resistant coating
Optional 2 year no-scratch guarantee

Wider field of vision
Superior sharpness
  Scratch-Resistant coating
Optional 2 year no-scratch guarantee

Widest field of vision
Clearest Vision
2 year no-scratch guarantee as standard 

1 Crizal Sapphire UV anti-reflection, scratch-resistant coating with 2 year no-scratch guarantee.
2 Crizal Easy UV anti-reflection, scratch-resistant coating.
3 Varilux Comfort and Varilux X Design Transitions Xtractive available in 1.5, 1.6, and 1.67 at the same prices as Transitons GEN8.

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