Prescription Driving Lenses


Struggling with driving at night? Getting blinded by the dazzling effect of another driver's headlights? Try our Driving Lenses designed to reduce glare and increase the comfort of night time driving.


A recent study in the UK found that 54 percent of motorists questioned said that the problem of headlight glare had worsened in the last 12 months. The increase is believed to be partly due to the use of brighter xenon or led headlamps and partly due to the popularity of SUV's which are typically higher on the road than other cars.


At Posh Eyes we offer a range of single vision and varifocal lenses designed specifically for driving. Offering wide distance and intermediate vision and coatings aimed at reducing glare, particularly at night, our driving lenses are available as thinner lenes with the option of photochromic (Transitions) for added comfort. Find out more about Essilor's Road Pilot Driving lenses HERE and Hoya's Enroute and Enroute Pro lenses HERE and Zeiss DriveSafe lenses HERE